HELP! Modified model not appearing updated

HELP! I’ve been working on a project for days, saving continually, then my browser crashed and the model has reverted back to the first days work- even though it sys it as last “modified” today. how do i open the version of the model which shows the last modified changes and not the day one work? really need help!

Did you save it? Was it saved to local storage or to your Trimble account?

Which browser do you use? Browsers sometimes do not recover properly after a crash (or even when the browser was closed but now thinks it crashed). It maybe that the most recent browser session backup is unreadable and it opens a previous one (but I think models in local storage are separate from browser session backups).

Can you go to login to your account and find the model under the SketchUp project?
SketchUp uploads the model to Trimble Connect every time you hit Save and all versions should be preserved there. When you select the model, on the right hand side, the revisions tab should list all revisions of the model.

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