Sketchup for Web not saving my changes

The changelog for 3/17 says, “Fixed bug where the most recent version of a file was not properly loading when switching devices or browsers.” I think that fix may have broken something else.

I have a model that I’ve been working on a lot lately. I’ve spent many hours on it over the past couple of days and it still says, “Last modified: 3/17/2022”. There’s something wonky about the “last modified” version so I went to history and restored a recent revision. After making the changes that were lost, I continued to work on the model. After some time, I noticed that instead of the model name in the upper left, it said, “Unsaved”. This happened several times. I finally decided to restore a much earlier version and start from there.

Oddly, there were only about 10 revisions to choose from. There should have been dozens - maybe hundreds. But I restored the earliest one available, made all the lost changes again, and continued working from there. I saved often and kept my eye on the model name to make sure it didn’t switch to “Unsaved”. When I was done (for now), I checked the model name and saved one last time. After making sure it said “Saved”, I closed my iPad and walked away to do other stuff.

When I came back to do some more modeling this morning, I loaded the page and it said I had an unsaved model from my last session and asked if I wanted to open it. I was puzzled by this and didn’t want to risk some phantom model overwriting all my changes so I tapped No.Bad choice. All my changes are gone and the model has gone back to “Last modified: 3/17/2022” and the history shows approx. 10 revisions.

This may or may not have something to do with the fix reported in the changelog. The problem seems to be much, much worse than “the most recent version of [the] file was not properly loading”.

@Mark @Gopal someone should read this post.


Trying to track this down. Did you click ‘Revert this model’ in the upper left when you loaded into the revision or did you simply save the model ?

I clicked revert this model.

I cant seem to reproduce following these steps. What browser are you using ? Are you still on Linux ?

Brave on an iPad Pro. I know that’s a fairly obscure/atypical combination. FWIW, it hasn’t happened again since.

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We cannot reproduce but will keep an eye out for this bug. Thank you for reporting. Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

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