Lost my project

Hi guys,

New to the community. Recently got back into using Sketchup for the first time in 7-8 years! In the process of buying a new home and I’ve just been trying to mock up a few small interior wall alterations.

It’s been a bit of a learning curve as a lot has changed with Sketchup over the years! That, and I’ve since spent a lot of time with other applications such as 3DS Max and Maya.

All had been going well – after about 8-9 hours of learning and building (over the course of a week) I’d just about finished my project. It had been auto-saving constantly, and I’d been returning to over multiple sessions – so I had no concerns about losing my progress.

However it all came crashing down late last night – was just finishing up and during the last auto-save of the evening, the chrome tabs crashed. When I re-loaded Sketchup, I was in an empty project.

Looked at similar support topics and tried everything I’d seen suggested – clearing cache, changing browser, etc. I assume it’s related to a server issue which appears to have happened in the past.

Is anyone aware of any backend issues at the moment?

As a Sketchup Free user I don’t have access to support, so posting here in the hope that the community will know.

Thanks in advance

Admins: this can be closed or deleted. I’ve given up on Sketchup and gone back to good ol’ Maya.


Sorry that you’re going, and that nobody answered in three days. I wonder if there was some sort of global holiday?

For anyone else finding this topic, perhaps the sync suggestions in this post may work:


Also sorry that you’ve given up. It’s only an excuse, but you probably got no response because most of the Trimble team had the week from Christmas to New Year’s day off…

Hey Ben,

Sorry to hear you might have lost some project work. If you’re still watching this thread, I hope you’ll let me know if you had saved/named your project while you were working on it. If so, some version of it should still be available in your account.

If you don’t save/name your work, SketchUp does back it up to your web browser, but a browser crash like the one you described could have affected that. Anyway, I’m sorry we’re late to the rescue on this thread.


Hi Mark,

I just recently tried experimenting again with SketchUp, and I was working on a file over the last few days that somehow rewrote itself with a blank model just an hour or so ago. I think it occurred right when I went to the URL, but I’m not sure how. The file I was working on in Trimble is very clearly the one I created a few days ago and have been working on and saving. I’m assuming there’s no way to recover previous versions of a file, but thought I’d check… I had not exported it yet.


Have you tried logging into Trimble Connect directly. Connect is the Trimble service we use to store, update, and version your work between modeling sessions. From SketchUp you can open, save, re-name, and save as, but from within Trimble Connect you can do a bit more. Try this (if you haven’t already):

– Go to connect.trimble.com. Sign-in with the same account you use for SketchUp.
– Navigate to your model: if you ever named and saved it in SketchUp for Web, you should see it somewhere here. Click on the model and the Trimble Connect file information will open in a new tab. It will look something like this:

You should see the version history of your modeling progress on the left. I’m not sure how you over-wrote your file*, but if you did overwrite your modeling progress from a previous session, you should have some previous version here.

Please let me know if you are able to recover your model progress with this approach!


*We definitely are curious about this. If you like, I hope you’ll send me a DM with more info about what happened when you saved the file was over-written with a blank model.

That worked, thanks!! I could not find a way to get further into Trimble’s site with my SketchUp username, that link did it.

I’m not really sure how i wrote it over either… I swear all I did was click my bookmark to load SketchUp Free and then I do remember accidentally clicking the word “Untitled” on the blank model that is automatically loaded (instead of the folder icon), which caused the app to start saving because I started changing the file name (the word “SAVED” turned into “SAVING”). But I’m not sure how that wrote over the last file I had used… maybe I clicked on the blank model’s file name and then attempted to open my older file in such quick succession?

I know that it happened when I opened the app at that point, because that’s when my file I had worked on was “last modified”, before I had even opened the file. With the version history being saved I’m not scared of that happening again! But maybe the app shouldn’t attempt to save a blank model that hasn’t been modified? I’m on Firefox Quantum on Mac High Sierra.

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Sorry, I’m slow to the thread. I’m glad to here you were able to recover the file.

That does sound like a strange experience you had while saving. One thing that is possible – that shouldn’t be – is that you might have clicked an existing file during that save operation, causing you to overwrite that old file with whatever was in your untitled project.

Like I said: shouldn’t be possible, so we’re going to work on that.

Yeah, I suppose it’s possible when I clicked the file name of the new file and clicked through really quickly accidentally hitting my older file’s name? Either way, glad I found it and that there is revision history! Thanks. :smile:

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Mark thanks for replying and no worries about not catching me, it was a funny time of year for availability AND I was on a free license so had no expectation of official support, was just a punt :slight_smile:

Glad it’s led to helping Jon either way. I’m going to unsubscribe to this thread but feel free to keep it open for others.


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