Lost my project!

I signed up to SketchUp yesterday because of how useful it was to me in Design Technology lessons and now I wanted to open a personal account. I have been on SketchUp all night and no issues and the whole of today no issues but twenty minutes ago my project auto saved and Chrome said do you want to wait or kill page? I waited but nothing happened to help the situation. So the box appeared again and because I had the knowledge of the project saving every two minutes I would be able to refresh the page and get back to the project. NO! what happens is everything is GONE and I produced many hours of sketching and this just depressed me.

I am using a Chromebook for SketchUp Web - Is there ANY way to get my project back??
Please reply ASAP anybody??

I’m not sure, but try launching it again? I’ve launched sessions and gotten a dialog saying something like,“You have an unsaved model. Do you want to open it.”

Now I can’t login

Not sure what’s up with that. You could try logging in from a different machine, I suppose, to see if you have the same issue.

Nope happening on all my devices and all browsers. I tried logging in with email and password. I think the site is having issues… Can you see if my project is really lost? Because logging in via SketchUp I don’t see anything other than Untitled Project - (New Project) and my SAVED project LOST

Hello Sorry I just found my project now, didn’t realise I saved it in another folder… Thank you :slight_smile:

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