No access to previously saved projects

Used sketchup free for the first time and spent all day yesterday creating a project.
All saved and I went back and checked I could load the project OK.

I have logged in again today and I now get a message saying:
“No projects were found in your account and we could not create a default project. You might have exceeded the number of projects allowed in your subscription”


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exactly the same thing just happened to me ! help !

perhaps you could clear your cache and try again? Mine was a little slow this am.
Or sign out and sign back in?

Got the same problem. I’m getting the feeling that something is going on with the cloud…?

I just cleared my cache, signed out and signed back in. Free opened in 9 seconds.

Some replies by SketchUp folks in another thread indicated that there was some back-end work done recently that caused a disruption. Try again?

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Hi Steve

Are you still seeing this issue?



I can get in again now thanks.

Must have been a temporary issue.



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If anyone is seeing problems accessing projects in SketchUp Web please try signing out and then signing back in. Let us know if that does not solve the issue. We’re working on a proper fix but the Sign out-in process should get folks going in the short term.


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