Saved project lost online version (free)

Im using sketchup online free version (considering purchasing)
I had a project which has been saving online to Trimble just fine.

I finished working on a project on the 19th Aug saved as usual…Then i downloaded couple .png versions of the project. Then finished working and logged out and shut down my Mac.

So couple days later, i went back into sketchup (in Chrome) and the version of my project was showing last saved as 17th March? My days work has disappeared!! I could see the preview had my latest version of my project but when I open it it was the version I just started designing which is 17th Aug. The history also doesn’t show any saved version from the last day I saved my project (19th)

I have checked the revisions in Trimble and they are only showing points during the 17th and before.

Does anyone in Tech have any ideas i could try?

Many Thanks

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Hi me too.

I ve lost 2 days of work !

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