Saved work lost after PNG download

Im hoping someone might be able to help with this issue?

Im using sketchup online free version (considering purchasing)
I started a project a few days ago which has been saving online to Trimble just fine.

I finished working on a project on the 26th March saved as usual…Then worked all day 27th March, saving along the way. In the evening of 27th i tried a .png download of one of my components in the project. I opened and viewed this on my Windows 10 PC. During this process the pc crashed opening the PNG.

So after a restart, i went back into sketchup (in Chrome) and the version of my project was showing last saved as 26th March? My days work has disappeared?

I have checked the revisions in Trimble and they are only showing points during the 26th and before.

Does anyone in Tech have any ideas i could try?

Many Thanks


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