Retrieving Saved Work

Help, I lost my work from the past 2 days!
I’ve been logged in and working in a web-based version of Sketch Up for multiple days. However today, June 13, the program crashed and when I rebooted it, it only showed the version of my model from 2 days ago, June 11. I looked at my activity log on Trimble Connect and it is not showing my activity on June 12 or 13 either. I’m recalling now that previously I noticed my program constantly had “saving” posted at the top… was it actually never saving? Is there anyway I can retrieve my work from the past two days?

For anyone dropping by, I have replied to the support email already. Overall there may not be much hope. The only thing that may work is to open the same browser on the same machine, and see if you are offered an unsaved model to continue working on.

@Mark the being stuck on Saving for a couple of days is something to check into. What might make that happen? I tested and timed the model, and for me the saving time was under 15 seconds.

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