Unstable cursor snapping/selection and drawing behavior in Scan Essential

I’ve started to use Scan Essential to make 3D building model based on point clouds taken by my iPad Pro. The imported point clouds (coordinates not adjusted to the original axis) are sparse and not accurate, so I am trying to draw the buildings manually in SU using the points as my guide.
However, after importing the points clouds, SU became instable. The model appearance is shaky and dissapear when zoomed in, cursor cannot select and snap to objects properly (slightly apart from actual objects).
I suppose it may be caused by the points of which size is around 800MB in LAS format. To confirm this behavior I clipped the original point clouds to make it smaller (120MB) then loaded in a new skb file but situation is the same.
I attached sample skb file for your reference. Hope it brings your insightes.
test.skp (82.2 KB)

You have problems with visualization because your model is located at a great distance from the origin.
The fact that you have changed the location of the axes does not help in this case, the point of origin (0,0,0) remains in place, in the present case, at a very large distance from the new positioning of the axes and directly influences the model.

Right click on an axis > Reset

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Thank you for your advice, it worked out.
Actually I avoided to replace location of point cloud to keep its original coordinates which is necessary for GIS use, but I noticed that it was an unnecessary worry.

I adjusted location of points clouds, imported geolocationof my area of interest, adjust location/rotation of point clouds, build model and exported it to KMZ. Location of the model is correctly placed in Google Earth.