Sketchup crash when using Scan Essentials

When I use Scan Essentials, Sketchup often crashes.

I have submitted the crash related information (Crash # 349684).

I erase instances in group.


Thanks for reporting. I am looking at the report.

Does it crash when you snap to a SketchUp geometry or when you snap to the point cloud?
Also which tool was active? A SketchUp native tool, a Scan Essentials tool or a tool from another plugin?



On top of Jacques’s questions, may I ask you to send a screenshot of specific sections of the pointcloud manager :
Clipping Box
Point Cloud Transformation

For me to understand the context of your project and do further testing on my side.

Sometimes the use of unofficial plug-ins will cause crashes, and sometimes the use of mobile tools will also cause crashes. I have not found the rule of causing crashes.
I will record my subsequent crash logs about the use of point cloud here.