Crash when using Scan Essential with parallels

Hello !

I’m using sketchup on Mac M1 but when i want to open a file (.las) with the sketchup extension trimble Scan Essential, Sketchup want creat a .RWP file.Then, i choose the place for this file, the app crash directly (Crash #114261), with BugSplat.

an idea ?

Thank you !

Upload the .las file and I’ll test it.

i could give it to you but i opened it on my pc and all is right…
you can see the crash report . What do you think about it ?

I can’t interpret the crash file.

My first presumption is that the file is very large. Second, that your graphics card can’t handle it.

I build this file (Point cloud) with my mac… so why on parallels it doesn’t work ?

It could indeed be an issue with graphics support on Parallels. The fact that it opens on your PC without any problem should lead you to look at the differences between them. Of course the system requirements for Scan Essentials shows the following.
Screenshot - 8_24_2022 , 5_00_27 PM

Does Parallels support OpenGL 3.3? Is there at least 1GB of VRAM?


Yes, it’s supported and yes, i have more thant 1GB VRAM… :cold_sweat:

The minimum requirements are the minimum requirements if you are running windows.
If you are in parralells , then you are running both Mac OS and Windows simultaneously.

The M1 macs have shared VRAM and system Ram, so you would need at least 17GB according to those specs, but you probably have 5-6GB being used by Mac OS - so you’d need a Mac with 32GB memory to support those requirements.

Unforunately I don’t think you will get an answer unless someone else has been through that pain and has some kind magic bullet solution via a checkbox somewhere, there are too many variables that you have no control over, normally we’d say update your graphics cards drive, but you haven’t actually got a real one as far as Windows is concerned. It gets really messy real quick when using a virtualised system.

I am not sure that Scan Essentials supports virtual environments… I THINK I heard you had to be running a 100% pure windows setup

Indeed. There are no support documents available for running in VM, just as there isn’t for SketchUp.

That’s stuff is always “proceed at your own risk” type stuff , there is just too many weird things that can happen.
Computers are bad enough at misbehaving at the best of times , let alone when you have a computer emulating one on top of another.

I’m sure you can get it to work, but it’s a very geeky fiddly thing to be playing with and you need a whole lot of overhead to run the two Os’s simultaneously.

It’s all about Parallels Virtual Graphics and Trimble Realworks Engine that powers Scan essential.
These pointcloud engines are always GPU demanding, you cloud try to add more Virtual RAM to the Virtual system?

Here’s what I found on Parallels Support Use automatic graphics memory on a Mac with Apple M-series chip (

“A virtual machine does use the resources of the Apple M-series graphics processing unit (GPU) integrated into the Apple M-series System on a Chip (SoC), though indirectly. The virtual machine relies on the macOS graphics application programming interfaces, or APIs (Metal, OpenGL) but it doesn’t have direct access to the graphics processing unit (GPU) or its memory. Guest OS video memory is allocated from Mac’s RAM and acts more as a transitional buffer to pass the volumes of data between a virtual machine operating system APIs (Direct3D, OpenGL) and macOS APIs rather than actual storage. So, the amount of virtual graphics memory doesn’t need to match physical GPU memory because the usage scenarios are different.”

Also Parallels doesn’t support OpenGL 4 yet. That’s likely the main issue for Scan Essential

What OpenGL version is supported in Parallels Desktop?