Snapping issues with Scan Essentials

Good day dear people,

I’m working with Su 2023 Studio and my work mostly revolves about PointClouds.
Im having an issue were - the snap function for the Point Clouds just deactivates, mostly just when I open a new file through SU itself, but sometimes even while working in the same session. So I build a volume, snap it to some point in the pointcloud, then proceed to do some other things, when I want to snap to the pointcloud again, it doesnt work anymore.

And no, it has nothing to do with these three buttons:
Screenshot 2023-10-09 122942
it doesnt matter which one of them is active (other than the first one of course), I cant snap to the point cloud anymore.
The only solution I got is to close SU and open the file again, but thats also not really enjoyable in a workflow kind a thing.

to whoever is reading this, I hope you have a good day.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I am not able to reproduce on my side so far.
May I ask you what exact version of Scan Essentials you are using ? The current version from the warehouse ? or another one, like a beta from center code ?
You mentionned it was happening mostly when opening a new file through SU : Do you mean opening a file with pointcloud ? from scratch or over another opened one ? (this mean that you ask to unload the current PC and load a new one)
When it occurs while working in the same session :
Is there a specific plugin that you are using and you think is using some specific “picking” functionnalities that could somehow “override” the SU picking (and especially the SE one) ?
Sorry about these questions, I am trying a couple of things to reproduce the issue, and any information could help me to search in the right direction^^.


Hi to all,
I have exactly the same issue using SU 2023 Studio.
If you have a solution for this bug I would be bouncing walls.


sorry for the late response - I had some busy days.

It was the second newest scan essentiels version as far as I know (I installed it in february 2023).
For opening I just used this way:

So I already had a PointCloud open from the former file - SU takes that to the new one - asks if I want to unload it - I press yes and then load a new PointCloud.

For the extensions: I have solidinspector², Benziers Spline (frodo) and the SketchUcation plugin.

I had also contact with another support and they couldnt solve that problem either, so they recommended to update to the newest version - so I did that and nooooow the extension-manager doesnt pop up anymore (Every other window pops up normaly) so now I couldnt use ScanEssentials completly anymore - because it had also to be updated.

After some frustrations I could reinstall the ScanEssentials Plugin over the extension-warehouse.
And till now the snapping-issue hasnt recurred, but I seem to have exchanged that bug with a new one: extention-manager not working :smiley: its not just the window pops up and is just blank - it doesnt even pop up.

I tried everything they said in “Sketchup extension manager not opening - #4 by Anssi

But I guess thats an new thread.


I have been having the same issue with scan Essentials not snapping to the point cloud.
I currently have the 1.2023.10.10 installed.