Unresponsive sketchup file

I have a file here that I was working on today and it became unresponsive while editing a component. The component was a 2d window that a had made a cut component. The first couple of times this happened I force quit and got a little further with it until the entire file wouldn’t open at all. I’ve had issues with cut components in the past but none so bad that I can’t open the file at all. Im on a 2022 Mac studio running ventura 13.01 with a M1 max chip. Does anyone know what I can do to get my file open again or at least how to avoid this from happening again? I’ve wasted a lot of time dealing with this already.


Richardson WH.skp (2.0 MB)

I’m heading to bed, but I set my Mac trying to open your file. Don’t know what is special about the file that makes it take this long, but it’s worth trying overnight.

Well, it’s not an M1 issue, as that file is taking a long time to open on my Intel MBP also.

I tried letting it run overnight and it hadn’t opened for me this morning.

I tried a spin dump. It appears to be stuck trying to find the perimeter of some face (though coming to that conclusion stretches the limitations of my knowledge and might be wrong). My suspicion is that the model somehow has created an endless loop in the data that SketchUp falls into and can’t get out. This is definitely a question for the developers @colin can you pass it along to them?

Thanks for the suggestion. I also failed to open the file overnight, and already did ask developers to look at it. It’s still not 8am, they may not be checking messages yet.

A developer was able to delete a corrupt face from the file, and then it would open. The file does seem smaller, he may have purged unused items as well. Here’s the file he made.

Richardson WH-2.skp (631.1 KB)

Thats great to get my file back. Did they have any suggestions on avoiding this from happening again? this isn’t the first model I’ve had this issue with. It’s just the first one to completely not reopen after force quitting. This happens when i’m changing cut components, usually just a 2d window like you see in my model. Drawing mullions on them triggers it.

I don’t know what face the developer deleted, but I notice a lot of reversed faces on your house (blue back side color showing if you change to monochrome) in random places. Perhaps that somehow contributes when using cut-opening components (just a guess…)?

Would be nice if a given set of steps always caused the problem. From your file the developer couldn’t really guess what had led to the problem.

1.) draw a grouped box(house)
2.) add component to it with the cut feature to the side of the box.
3.) edit component adding more detail to it until Sketchup becomes unresponsive.

Here is another file with the same exact problem as the one above. I could use some help opening this file. It will not open and the auto save won’t open either.
Oros.skp (12.6 MB)

Since this Oros file stopped working I tried to move on to other projects and now none of them will open. I tried restarting my computer multiple times and tried many different files. Each time I try to open one Sketchup goes unresponsive. Any ideas on what I can do to fix this?

SketchUp 2022 is spinning on my MBP while trying to open the Oros.skp file. I’ll give it while to see whether it eventually opens. But I suspect you have somehow generated the same problem as before.

Edit: pondering how you could do this to multiple files…is there a component you are loading into each file from a library? If so, perhaps the issue is embedded in that component file. You could try omitting it (or several if you load multiple) and see if the problem goes away, then try adding back one by one and see if it reappears.

I do use some of the same groups and components across multiple files. They are all 2d furniture and windows, very simple items. I can open all of my other files on my other computer and they have no issues. The Oros file makes my other computer go unresponsive as well. Should I delete sketchup and redownload on the computer that won’t open any files?

I suppose that couldn’t hurt, though I am doubtful it will help either…

Deleting and redownloading didn’t change anything

I downloaded your file less than a minute after you posted it and tried opening it on my PC. Ifinally gave up a about 5 minutes ago. I get the scene tabs immediately but nothing else. I’ll try again and let it go until I get home from Robotics. Don’t hold your breath though.

I’m less patient than @DaveR. I gave up after an hour and don’t plan to try again. I’ve opened files with tens of millions of edges in far less time, so I suspect something is once again broken in the file.

It was easy enough to be patient the second time I tried since I wasn’t home anyway. I still had no luck, though.

It would be interesting to know what is corrupted. A bad component? Or maybe a bad material?

How do I go about getting this to a developer? My mac studio still won’t open sketchup at all and my other computer can’t open this file. Do you guys have any suggestions for how to get my sketchup working on my mac again? Thank you for taking the time to look at this!