SketchUp Pro 2019 unresponsive - log files?

I’m having issues working with a large file containing imported objects & SketchUp Pro 2019 is frequently becoming unresponsive for extremely long periods of time (too long for my patients I’m afraid). So I’m doing a lot of force closing & subsequently losing work. I’m trying several strategies to help with performance issues i.e. using wire frame mode and layers to turn off visibility of the largest parts for the model, plus Outliner to select & zoom to extents to move the camera, but even still, simply trying to draw a couple of lines is proving difficult.

Is there anyway or where on your system you can get a log of what SketchUp is doing whilst it’s “unresponsive” so I can see what exactly is causing it to freeze up?

I can’t share the file due to NDA’s on the project, so can’t share any logs but if I can redact a log .txt file, maybe?

Signed: Happily self isolated…lol.

The first to try would be go to model info>statistics check show nested components and then purge all. Does that help?

I’ve tried but that makes it unresponsive too. There are 1000’s of objects in this file. I break it up into smaller component files but even those are still relatively large. For instance I just tried exporting the tin mesh (LiDAR) part of it from S.U. but it is 67 MB in size & was half way through exporting when it crashed S.U. (no unresponsive just bang, gone). I suspect I’ll have to cut up into smaller portions to export as .obj format. This actually works in that I can’t low poly any areas around the construction site as I need to keep this geometry in the same location to match up with the rest of the S.U. components (roads etc). I getting there but I was just curious if there was any way or plugin that shows S.U.‘s log to see what causes issues but obviously the proof is in the puddin’…if it works it works…the old trial by error method does work if you keep track of what your doing. I’m also learning to be patient & instead of watching the blue spinning circle of hell, I’m taking a break, coming back to find S.U. has done it after all. It just takes a while sometimes…don’t mess with it in the meantime…lol. Cheers.

I probably should start a new topic called “Working with massive files in S.U.” :grin: