Unresponsive SketchUp 2017

Hello team,

After a longer period of not using SketchUP, I recently had a task to draw. But now my installation is very buggy.
I’ve reinstalled SketchUp to make sure I have the latest version - but still the same.

Symptoms is that when drawing a rectangle, it will become unresonsive for 10-20 seconds and then active for another 10-20 seconds. And so it keeps going.

My PC setup is:
Lenovo Yoga (2016) with i7-6560U CPU
16GB ram
512 GB SSD
Intel Iris Graphics 540 GPU

I hope someone is able to point me to a solution for my problem:slight_smile:

This topic has been covered ad nauseum in other threads here. In fact there’s a long thread just a few below yours.

There are certain Windows updates that have caused issues. Graphics drivers, especially for Intel graphics, have caused problems and incorrect SketchUp installation could have an effect.

Read the threads to see which of the Windows updates have been identified as troublemakers and remove those updates if they exist. Update your graphics drivers to see if that helps. And most importantly, make sure SketchUp is installed correctly. Right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. Then choose the Repair option.

When you installed SketchUp 2017 the first time, you should have used the right click, Run as administrator method but many users just double click on the installer which doesn’t allow SketchUp to install correctly.


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