sketchUp not responding

I cannot use my SketchUp 17 anymore. It gives the ‘not responding’ message too often, immediately after opening a file. I had difficulties some other times when working, but when the file was very big. this time it happens to every file, immediately after the first click. it responds very late also for ctrl-alt-del.
What would be the reason for such disfunction? I have to mention that I reinstalled it just now, hoping for a little improvement, but there is no difference.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10 or are you still on Windows 8?
Can you confirm that Sketchup is using the GeForce card (according to your profile) and not the integrated graphics?
(Window -> Preferences -> OpenGL)

Another thing you could try is disable all plugins (temporarily renaming the Plugins directory would be the fastest way)

Whilst a GC issue is probably the most likely, please also consider the correct installation of SketchUp.

You do not need to uninstall/reinstall, rather close SketchUp, then install it again, and choose ‘Repair’ when prompted.
BUT note that it must be installed properly…
Find the installer exe file - probably in your Downloads folder.
Select its icon.
Right-click > Context-menu > “Run as administrator”

Installing it in any other way - e.g. by double-clicking the icon - will cause weird things to happen.
Being an admin is NOT the same as choosing the ‘Run as administrator’ option !

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