SketchUp (Not Responding) GTX 1070 Ti

I started messing around with a model for a day or two on the trial version. I attempted to open it back up yesterday, and it would not open and I keep getting “SketchUp (Not Responding)”. I have restarted my computer, tried opening the tutorial, tried opening a new drawing, nothing is working and I get the same “Not Reponding” window. I even uninstalled and reinstalled SketchUp… same thing. Got a tip to try the following link: Also did not work.

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When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the downloaded installer file and choose Run as administrator?

Try quitting out of SketchUp, find the installer, right click on it and select run as administraor. And then when the options pop up, choose repair. After that completes, shut the computer down completely and start it up again. Then see if you can start a new file in SketchUp before trying to open your previous one.

How big is the model file you made the other day?

Hi did, not sure if I did that the first time.

However, I ran the repair as an administrator, restarted the computer and still got the same error when I tried to open a new file.

I have 138 KB as my file size.



Go to the Nvidia control panel and make sure it is set up to display SketchUp.

Another thing you might do is download the installer again from a new version for Windows was released yesterday and it may perform for you better, especially if you are in a GMT+ time zone.

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Tried that, and tried reinstalling my graphics card drivers

can you share that model?

Of course, please see attached

Deck.skp (137 KB)

(Attachment Deck.skb is missing)

I don’t have any problem navigating around your model. The only real problem I see with it is you have the majority of faces reversed.
Deck.skp (137.1 KB)

Yeah, it’s definitely not the model. I can’t even open up a new drawing in SketchUp without it freezing and not responding.

I’d say it’s either bad installation of SketchUp or Graphics driver problems.