SketchUp Not Responding What To Do?

Hello. Last two days my SketchUp does not respond . Reinstalled it and nothing changed . Cant work :frowning: please help if someone had this issue … SketchUp 2018 now . Was 2017 and upgraded to 2018 maybe it will solve the problem but not :frowning:

SketchUp might not be at the root of the problem… the attempt to reinstall it with nothing changing partially confirms that. . . And it sounds like you’ve tried to reinstall it twice (??) with both the 2017, and 2018 versions.

For context, please consider what might have changed on your computer recently—within the last 5 days, say.

Sudden changes in software behavior often are caused by other changes made on your computer. Especially software related changes. Device Drivers, updates, newly installed programs, freshly uninstalled programs (because sometimes files get deleted which others programs also need and rely upon).

Secondly, What are some of the details(/examples) of how SketchUp is not responding:

Is it not even starting up? or is the unresponsiveness connected to some other aspect… such as a particular tool/command, or you’re ability to make a selection, or might it be based on what’s being shown on the computer monitor (a frozen screen for example).

A little more detail might provide some useful clues on where trouble shooting all of this should begin. But I still double down on the idea of carefully considering any recent changes that might have happened to your computer near and around the 2 day time frame.

Searching through the forum can also help.

just a short ways down on this forum list. you can find a potentially related example…

Thank you JimD . The problems were some extensions including fredo … it was just freezing and could not do anything else . Now looks like is working great again.

What did you do to fix it?

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Ill be happy to help you . I went in the maps where my extensions are without opening the sketchup and i deleted the extensions that i lately installed .
user-your pc name-app data - roaming-sketchup-…plugins

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