Sketchup pro 2018 not responding unless I reinstall each time I open a file


sketchup pro 2018 with a brand-new Alienware R17 with windows 10 pro. The only way I can open a file is to uninstall the program and then re install but that only works for the first file. Any other windows or files after that I get " not responding".

I shouldn’t have to uninstall and reinstall to open each file. It all worked fine on Friday and then today not responding.

Please help. Thanks


If it worked fine on Friday and doesn’t now, what changed on your computer? SketchUp 2018 Pro hasn’t changed since it was released so it must be something else.

When you installed SketchUp did you right click on the installer file and select Run as administrator?

What graphics card is in the computer? Have you checked to make sure the drivers are up to date? If there’s an nVidia card, make sure SketchUp is using it.


It turned out that there was a resolution issue between the two screens that were in use. One screen was displaying in 2k and the external monitor was displaying in 1080p which was causing a conflict with the GPU. The solution that was found was to change the resolution of the 2k screen to match that of the external monitor.


I have the exact same issue. Ran Pro 2017 successfully on old laptop with 2 external monitors (HDMI 1920x1080 and DP 2560x1600). Migrated to MSi GL63-8RC gaming laptop with GeForce 1050 GPU with same external monitors recently. Have reinstalled multiple times but Pro runs perfectly the first time only. Can open and manipulate multiple 3D models. However when I close the program and immediately start it again Pro loads the toolbars and default tray but not the default template. As soon as any activity on open screen is performed (cursor move or tool on a toolbar is accessed such as 'File Open") the message “(Not Responding)” appears next to the Pro 2017 line at the left hand top of the screen. The only way to terminate Pro then is via Task Manager. If I then uninstall and reinstall I can replicate the above over and over again.
In an attempt to verify if it is a Pro 2017 problem, a Pro 2018 trial version was installed with the exact same results.
I then found this post and set the the resolution of all external displays to 1920x1080 but the problem persists. I have also installed the latest NVIDIA Graphics Drivers for Windows (Version 417.35) also without any effect.
I need assistance please as this situation is is highly disruptive.

  • does SU run internally on the notebook display if both external monitors are disabled/disconnected?
  • does SU run if only one external monitor is enabled/connected?
  • is the second monitor configured as being on the right side from the first/main monitor (because of positive screen coordinates)?


I will try out these combinations and revert back a bit later.


Thanks for your feedback, it definitely shed some light on the potential problem. Here goes with the feedback:

  1. SU run perfectly on the laptop only with no external displays connected.

  2. With either of the 2 external monitors connected the following occurs:

    • SU will not start up on either of the two external monitors.
    • When SU start up on the laptop monitor it runs perfectly and the SU window can be dragged to any of
      the other displays and will work perfectly. (although a nuisance, this could be a work-around).
  3. No, sitting in front of the system, the HDMI display is configured on the far left, the large HP display port
    monitor is configured in the middle and the laptop (main) monitor is configured on the right.


So you are using three monitors simultaneously. What happens if you close the laptop lid?


Thanks for you input.

When I disconnect the laptop monitor and define the large center monitor as the main display, SU will not start up on the left hand monitor. It does however run perfectly when stared up om the main central monitor.

Must admit it baffles me!!


You also mentioned that you were connecting one external monitor with a HDMI cable and another with DisplayPort. Are the ports directly on your computer or are you using a laptop dock or a port replicator in between?


The MSI laptop has onboard Display and HDMI ports.


I have run into different weirdnesses. One monitor refused to show the full 4K resolution when connected through a HDMI port but worked perfectly with DP. One laptop switched into 16-bit colour when an external monitor was plugged in, and wouldn’t support OpenGL through a laptop dock. SketchUp requires full colour and OpenGL support.


I’m certain the ports correctly configured for the monitor resolutions. The fact that SU works perfectly on each monitor when opened under the various scenarios I think implies that the monitor and driver works correctly, My old HP laptop had no such problem using the same external displays. There must be some other technical glitch happening when one considers that after installation SU starting on any display will run perfectly the first time. It only start “Not Responding” when opened the second time after the install. Sounds to me like it is loosing some coordinate references since it freezes before it loads the default template.


By the way, I checked the Open GL Details and there are no OpenGL Warnings. I also ran the SU2018-Checkup and all results were Green and ready to go.


which leads to negative screen coordinates (-x) , try if configuring your both external monitors to be on the right side even if placed physically on the left side fixes the issue.


Thanks for the response. Tried your suggestion but unfortunately it does not resolve the problem. SU still freezes up when started in the external monitor.


Possibly the solution to the problem is already in the earlier post by @JamesE in this thread. Your graphics card might not like external monitors with different resolutions:


Just a wild guess, Have you tried different cables?


Thanks for the suggestions above. Just to make sure I tried the following:

  • I cut the large external display completely out of the system (removed DP cable) so that I had only 1 external display with the same resolution as the laptop (i.e. 1920 x1080) and still SU Pro freezes when started up on the external display.

  • I tried other cables as well with no effect.

My conclusion is that we might be going up the wrong alley here. The laptop works perfectly with the two external displays for all other applications that I use. There must be some specific GPU/Laptop/SU clash that causes SU to freeze. Maybe I should start a new technical problem topic to try and resolve this technically?


I found a post (not related to SketchUp) that stated that since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Windows will use the integrated GPU, and not use the best performing GPU, when feeding external monitors.

Whether that was true or not, or if it’s still true, it got me looking for related issues. I found this page where the solution to the problem was to go into the Nvidia control panel, to choose which GPU will be used. Maybe that is worth a try?: