SketchUp 2017 on WIN 7 Pro Not Responding



A weird problem has cropped up and I cannot get SketchUp to respond after it partially opens.
I’ve both “Repaired” and Re-Installed and it didn’t work, then I downloaded a new copy, killed the old one then installed the fresh copy and it still responds in the same way.

I open the App, whether double-clicking on the “Make” Icon or on my build FILE Icon and the App responds up to a point. I get the Menu bar at the top and a BLANK white screen. Everything looks just fine, but, ANYTHING that I click on from that point gives me the error message in the Title bar - SketchUp not responding.

Does anyone have knowledge about this problem and how to get rid of it?


What graphics and driver version ? (Your profile is for a Mac machine.)


Do you get any toolbars ?

If not, I’d suggest uninstalling any recently installed plugins. (Or rename the “Plugins” folder in the user %AppData% path.)



I just recently got my WIN 7 system back from repairs and upgrades and
the SketchUp 2017 MAKE for that. Whatever the SketchUp download
system asked
for information I entered all of the information for that.




MS WIN 7 Pro, Ver. 6.1, Svc. Pk.1 Build 7601 - ACPIx64-based PC
Display Adapters - AMD 760G

I assumed that the above is what you were asking about.
Oh, and I forgot to tell you that NO, I do not get the tools on the
side, just those listed in the Main Menu area.




I’m speaking of your forum profile IT questions which can be edited via the avatar menu (icon at top right) and the little gear icon:

I created a little wiki to help people find info for their forum profile:

Almost but I asked what driver version also. But I did some searching and find that 760G is the AMD chipset on your motherboard which has an integrated AMD HD 3450 GPU.

This is the last driver I find available which is dated 2013:
This page basically says it all:

After five years of active service, the ATI Radeon™ HD 4000, ATI Radeon™ HD 3000, and ATI Radeon™ HD 2000 Series products reached peak performance optimization on October 15, 2013, and were transitioned to a legacy support lifecycle. No additional driver releases are planned for these products. It is important that PC gamers migrate to a modern AMD Radeon™ graphics card.

If you run Checkup for SketchUp 2017, it will create a “sulog” file on the Desktop with information that can determine if your card will support SU2017. (I suspect not.)


[quote=“JayGee, post:12, topic:22690”]
YEP, it probably is my graphics card, although, I was working right along on my WIN 7 system for a few days with no real problems. Oh, I did download the SketchUp CheckUp utility and got much the same results as with @sketch3d_de’s batch file.[/quote]

Your graphics driver version shows as: 8.710.0.0

The link I gave above for the last version released in 2013 by AMD is:

I think yours is older as it’s driver date is 2010.

Most experienced SketchUp users recommend a Nvidia GTX 900 or 1000 series. The higher the model number the better. The more the GRAM the better.


HEY: Got my new graphics card installed finally. I had a good laugh when I first opened Sketch Up again as the “Woman” morphed into a “Man” and just wondered how this happened electronically? :slight_smile:

Any way, guys I really appreciate all help you’ve given to me on the problem of accessing SketchUp again. My system is just zinging along now with new M/B, HD, Graphics Card, Keyboard, and Mouse. I guess it was time for all of that!

So, where can I post to see what kind of feedback I can get for my first project not that I can see it again?


There is a gallery category to show off your stuff. Otherwise for specific modeling questions just post in the main SketchUp category. (An admin or Sage can move it easily to a better category if need be.)