Unlinking a component?

I’m trying to just delete one of these four objects selected in the image below. I have tried Explode or Make Unique, but clicking just one still selects all four.

How can I isolate just one and delete it?

Maybe these are double-nested components. You are selecting the contents INSIDE of a component, of which there are four instances. The one active component is on the left. You have to get out of that component and see if you can delete just the one then. Check to see if these are needlessly nested one component inside another.

A guess without being able to open the model and see for myself. Share the model if you can’t figure it out.

Ok @pbacot. I think you might be right. I will give it a try. Here is the model, downloaded from the 3D warehouse: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/6067990870a42d4f8e5c9a3aa94c4263/Gothic-cathedral-bay-updated

Actually that’s not “needless” nesting. It is just that those groin vaults are components that are inside four instances of a component that includes a whole section of the ambulatory. So the only way to remove just one would be if that instance of the larger component ("#195"), which the vault is inside, would have to be made “UNIQUE”. Otherwise all four sections are either going to lose or keep the vault accordingly.