Deleting components leaves embedded instances

MacBook Pro OS 11.1, SU Pro (97.1 KB) 21.0.338. I have a model with many instances of a component, some of which are embedded inside other components. When I selected the components in the Component Window, the delete option was greyed out (as noted in other posts) and it took a bit of fiddling around, but I eventually was able to delete them (I thought). I Purged (unused) in the Model Info window and there was no listing for it in the Components Window. So far, except for the difficulty in deleting the components originally, is what I expected.

However, the embedded components still exist in the model with nothing in the Components Window to indicate that they still exist. They do exist in the Outliner. When I edit the higher level component, there are many shown in the Entity Info window. None of the components were downloaded from the warehouse.

I copied one of the high level components into a new window to reduce it in complexity so that I could upload it. When I edited it to delete other components, they showed up in the Components Window when I deleted them, but were cleared when I purged.

This brings several questions to mind: (1.) Why doesn’t deleting all components actually delete all of them? (2.) Why does the Components Window show no listing for the component when it clearly exists in the model? (3.) When deleting all instances of an embedded component, why do they suddenly show up in the Components Window, even though they no longer exist in the model?

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

embedded components.skp (97.1 KB)

In order to delete components inside of a nest as you have in your example, you need to be working in the same context as the component. So in your case you need to open the high level component for editing. Accessing them via the Outliner would be another option which amounts to the same thing.

You don’t see the biscuit in the Components window because you have it set to only show the highest level components. You need to expand the display to show the lower level components.
Screenshot - 12_17_2020 , 10_46_07 AM

Screenshot - 12_17_2020 , 10_46_19 AM

Maybe you’ve got more nesting going on that you need or maybe you need to wait until later in the process to begin nesting components.

Hi Dave.

Thanks for fast and extremely helpful response (as usual). I didn’t know about the expand setting (I used the default), but this answers many questions in my mind. I figured that there was something like what you describe about working in the context (I also notice that this happens with the tape measure line).

Problems solved!

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