Deleting Components from Component List

Running current version of 2022 Pro on Mac. I am unable to delete components from my model vai the component list. I pull up and select specific components but the ‘Delete’ command is grayed out and unselectable. Couldn’t find the answer on other posts. What am I missing here?

When I want a component to disappear, I make sure it is not used anywhere and just purge the file. Unused components go away when you purge.

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The Delete command you are seeing would only delete components that are in the model space. I gather you want to get rid of unused components. As Royce suggests, purging unused components would be the right thing. There’s a button to the right of the dropdown list in the Components panel that opens the Details menu. Do that and click on Purge Unused. Or better, do it from Window>Model Info>Statistics because that will also delete any unused materials at the same time.

Please update your profile. It still says you are using SU2020.

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