Uninstall SketchUp 2016 using GPO

Hello all,

This is my fist time here, but I would like to know if you can help me. Currently I have around 70 PCs with SketchUp 2016 (the installation was trough GPO), but I want to uninstall first SKuP16, before to install the new SketchUp 2017.

Do you know if is possible uninstall SKuP16 using GPO or another easy way to do that trough my network.

Many thanks in advance,

Necker Pintt

Do not first uninstall SketchUp 2016 !

First install SketchUp 2017, and be sure it runs properly, before uninstalling v 16.

You can try the Checkup utility to test your machine for SU2017:

Hello DanRathbun,

Many thanks for your answer. SU17 is working fine. Now the big deal is uninstall SU16 using GPO or something similar.

Do you thing you can help me with this.

Many thanks.

No, sorry I’m not a Group Policy kind of geek.

OK, thank you so much anyway