Ungrouping prevents me from attaching to surface

So here is the deal…I am working on a design and I will usually group my different items so that i can grab them and move them where I need. However, in this particular case, prior to grouping and during a group edit I can draw a square or a circle etc. and push it through the surface and all is well. However, once I explode the group I lose this ability and all of a sudden nothing I draw will lay on the surface anymore. It is just above the face of the item although it says “on face” and then the lines are bolder rather than thin…indicating that I they are not on the face. If I try to group again the problem remains. But if I undo my actions and go back to when it was a group…the problem is gone. Simply put, I cannot ungroup and still draw on the actual surface. Any help is appreciated.

Can you give us an example?(Upload sketchup file)
The Glue property of a group is somewhat the same of a Component with a ‘cut openening’ property but you have to get inside the context of a component

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It’s hard to understand without seeing a photo, but maybe intersect the group with the model and delete all internal geometry.

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