Help with Ungrouping

I’m new with SketchUp, so I’d like some help with my first project. I’ve got a 3D triangle that I created using the push/pull tool, then grouped. I now need to re-adjust the push/pull surface. Apparently, I can’t adjust the surface while it is in a group? Is that right? So, I thought I’d ungroup and adjust from there, but can’t figure out how to ungroup. I went to help and I was directed to The instructions say to select the group and us “Ungroup” in the context menu, but there is no “Ungroup”. Can someone help me with adjusting this surface?

While you can explode the group, there’s no need. Just double click on it with the Select tool to open it for editing. Make the change and then click in space to close the group wrapper. Or you can right click on it and choose Edit group from the Context menu.

Explode will also be found in the Context menu.

The Help Article you referenced is for LayOut, not SketchUp.

Here’s help with working with Groups and Components in SketchUp…

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