Ungroup items later

how do i ungroup items?

Right click on the group and click “explode”.

thanks still wants to stick inside bounding box

Sounds like you have a nested group: a group inside a group.Explode all levels of grouping.

how do i get rid of or make the bounding box just for the items selected

how do i do that

What version of SketchUp are you using?

pro 2022

Edit your profile already and include that information.

You probably just need to right click on the group again and choose Explode. If you share the .skp file it would be easier to give you exact instructions.

how do i share it with you?

Drag the .skp file into a reply in this thread.

says not allowed wrong file type

What file are you trying to share? The SketchUp file has the extension .skp and that file type is allowed.

says it too big

Upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link.

what is the link?

After you upload the file to DropBox or Google Drive you can get a link to the file there and post it here so we can download it.

working on it ok?

ok its there now what

It’s where? If you mean uploaded to DropBox or Google Drive, you need to get the link for the file and paste it in a reply.