Ungroup furniture

Hi, I downloaded from 3D warehouse the table with glass board, I need temporary move aside or move with glass board from top of table. But how to ungroup at once, complex of glass. Any help how to do that? Thanks a lot guys.

link: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/ue2324cb3-497b-4e56-a371-e31fdf9c8a92/Tea-table-centre-table

That model has no group at all.
It’s hard to understand what you ask but i assume you want to have glass and wooden parts seperated as group?
If so, check this: Tea table.skp (189.3 KB)

Yes exactly, I want to change color of wooden parts.

  1. Double click wooden parts (to enter inside group)
  2. Triple click to select all faces
  3. Pick your material and left click to apply.

Check this article for more info: Adding Colors and Textures with Materials

Thanks man, I will try it in the evening. If problem appears to me, will write you. Ome more time thanks.

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