Unfortunately I exported using wrong cad file name, overwriting an original file

I tried to import cad file to sketchup, but unfortunately i clicked the wrong option, i click export instead of import and then i choose my cad file and make matters worse, i click yes when there is an option to replace my dwg file, and when i opened the dwg file, it changed to be a new page of sketchup (have human model in it), how could i get back my previous dwg design?

Where did you get the original CAD file? Is there a backup of it anywhere?

Unfortunately i don’t have backup file, the file that i replaced is the only file that i have

You might be able to roll your computer back to an earlier state before you screwed up the CAD file. Try this or search for other similar options.


Thank you for the reply, finally i get back my dwg file by search its bak file (backup file) on my document and i change it to dwg file

I thought you wrote that you didn’t have the backup file.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, previously i didn’t know that dwg files have backup files (bak), thats why i told you, i didn’t have any backup file. But after searching for a long time on google, i realized that i could find my backup files (bak) in my documents, so i’ll get my dwg files back, btw thank you so much for your response