CAD to sketchup

created a design in sketchup then exported it to autoCAD to view it and it seems to have converted my design into an autocad file and now it wont’ open anymore in sketchup??? help please

If you exported to a CAD file type (DWG, DXF), you would need to import it into SketchUp to see that file. SketchUp only OPENS SKP files. You should have saved your work in SketchUp.

if you export to a native format of another application you can obviously not open it anymore, use the import instead.

For evaluating DXF/DWG data you may want use the free ODA Drawings Explorer f. Windows, macOS & Tux.

Alternatively you can use the free SketchUp Viewer for Windows, macOS, Android & iOS or the SketchUp Warehouse if you wanna e.g. enable a partner to view your SketchUp file (.SKP).

my model was created a saved in sketchup for a while when I decided to try to open it in autocad.

So you should still have the original SKP file, right? Open that.

that’s the weird thing, it’s disappeared???
When I try to import it from CAD, it gives me an error message and I can’t open it in sketchup again

What file type are you trying to import? What is the file’s extension?

Surely at some point you saved the SketchUp file and didn’t just export a DXF or DWG.

What version of AutoCAD are you using?

autocad 2018

Go back to AutoCAD and save the DWG as an older version. Then you should be able to import it into SketchUp. You should have saved a native SketchUp file when you were working in SketchUp, though. Then open it if you want to continue working on the model in SketchUp.

omg it worked. thank you. you are my savior

thank you. i’ll keep that in mind.