Unexpected format error

Hello friends.
I am a user of sketchup in Vietnam, I am having a format file Unexpected error, I hope you will help.
This is my email address, I hope you help, that is the project of the company is in urgent need. Please help me. Thank you.

Usually, an ‘unexpected file format’ relates to incomplete filestreaming (dropbox,Google Drive,iCloud, etc) or netwerkserver storage in combination of the growing filesizes of the project. When the autosave kicks in, all get’s messed up.
The chances ihe transfer fails gets multiplied with number of Antivirus/protection software running.
Best practice is to download the file first and put in on your desktop, when done, upload again to the server or location.

That said, since you have pro, you might check the support page fill in your serial number and see if you are entitled for support(active Manintenance and support plan) Maybe, the file could be saved, maybe not, there is no garantue!
This also means that there is a time delay, time which could be spent on fixing the file itself or starting from an earlier saved version…

Check the temp files in the (hidden) AppData/Temp/Work/files (not sure if it is the correct address) that is the location were the pre-2019 version stalled the temporary Autosave-files

Btw. You might edit your post to erase the emailaddress, the spam-bots might catch up on these…