Unexpected File Format!


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Unexpected File Format error! It had been hours of work :pensive:
Really need help!
[/quote] Please explain your problem more clearly…
Here’s my guess…
You made a Model.
You saved it.
Later on you tried to open it and it fails with this error message ?
Either the Model is corrupted or you are trying to open a BackUp SKB file rather than a SKP ?
Did you have it set up to make BackUps ?
Renaming a .SKB as a .SKP it should open in the newest version of SketchUp…
How are you trying to open it ?
Can you open a blank Model and Import the ‘faulty’ SKP into that etc…

Help us to help you…
We are having to guess too much here…


Thanks for the reply
Actually I worked this file on another computer! I put it on flash drive and brought it to work.
I don’t have access to the first computer any more.
The thumbnail of the file is shown but when I open it, the “unexpected file format” pops out.
I tried the importing file but it didn’t work. It gives the “file not found or invalid” error! :frowning:


Were the SketchUp versions on the two computers the same ?
If you made it in v2015 and now try to open it in v2014 it is not valid…
Install and use v2015 [Make] to open the SKP file, then you can use Save_as to save it as any earlier version you like, if that’s what you prefer to work with…


Actually the Sketch Up at work is 2015! It seems it is not also the problem! :frowning:


I’m afraid you are in a bind.
If you had access to the original SKP, or SKB or an AutoSave file perhaps something would be retrievable…