Unexpected file format - keeps crashing even with the skb file

For some reason, after opening an old file from another Sketchup version, my latest model wont open, Unexpected file format - and it opens a blank page. Even trying to rename SKB file to .skp wont work
Please help me!!

ORA-20231024.skp (8.1 MB)

That file opened with no problem at all.

I can see it was made in an older version of SketchUp 2023

Have you updated to the latest version?
Link is here

I will try that, i can open other files so…?

no idea, but as I have the latest version and I can open it, that seems like the best place to start.
Maybe the version you are using has a bug that is affected by this specific file and it’s been fixed.

I also had no problems opening you file. I do note incorrect tag usage. Untagged should always be active.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 7_28_00 PM
I fixed the incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 7_28_26 PM

Purged a lot of unused stuff from the file.
Screenshot - 10_24_2023 , 7_28_42 PM
And made the largest of the texture images a reasonable size. This reduced the file size by 84%.

Maybe this version of the file will behave?
ORA-20231024 purged.skp (1.3 MB)

Ok thanks, id love to know how you did that purge!!! runs great now!
Thanks to both of you!!!

I used a plugin from Sketchucation called Purge All because it gives that very useful report but you can use Purge Unused in Window>Model Info>Statistics and get the same end result without the report.


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