Unexpected file format and bug splat when opening skp file

While waiting for @DaveR, whose efforts I expect will take a while given the insane complexity of the model (over 40 million edges and 24 million faces!), a couple of observations:

  • I did manage to open the model, so it is not fundamentally trashed by a bad save.
  • SketchUp found and fixed a defective component (Group173#1) during load because I have that option enabled.
  • What are the blobs meant to be? Trees?

Edit: Dave replied while I was typing…

yes trees from cosmos, it must be the water fountainn that I put in, because after putting it in, I couldn’t select it. I knew it was the thing put I just can’t open the file to fix anything

It might have been the fountain but as I wrote, your model is overloaded with high-poly objects. Most of them don’t add enough to the model on their own to justify their “weight”.

Your file is still monstrously lrge after the purging I did. Before you do anything else with your model you should replace those objects with lower-poly components. Here’s the link:

BTW, there’s also reversed faces visible in your model. You can see that in, for example, the strings of lights. You should also fix that stuff. And I just changed the Face Style to Monochrome to make your model easier to deal with and so the exposed back faces can be seen and you can sort them out.

BTW, is the arbor on the outside of the wall important to your story? What about the roots on the plants hanging down below the ground? If not, get rid of them and purge the model of unused stuff.

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OMG, thanks alot, really really appreciate it :pray:

Hello brother, I also encountered the same problem. Can you ask me how to solve this problem? yiki_design@163.com, my email address, can you tell me your email address?

Hello brother,sketchup unexpected file format,
Can I ask you how to solve this problem? I need you help! thanks.

Hello, can anyone help me restore the SU file?nexpected file format, Thanks. 2018su,My email:yiki_design@163.com, please contact me

You don’t have to keep posting.

Upload the problem file here so others can take a look at it.

This is my first time here. I don’t know how to deal with it. Sorry.

Have you encountered this problem? Do you know how to solve it?

If the file is under 16MB drag it into a message. If it is larger, use a file sharing service.

The network disk used in each country is different. Generally, it is uploaded here and shared there.

Can you solve it? Shall I send you an email?

The file is probably corrupted. No, do not send an email.

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So how do I share files with you?

Like so.

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I’m having the same issue currently. Is there any fix? The .skp and the .skb are both corrupted…
SketchUp Pro 2018.

Maybe but there’s no way I can tell for sure without seeing the .skp and .skb files. Your profile says you are using Free Plan of SketchUp 2018. Does that mean you are using a cracked version?

Looks like there’s a big chunk of data missing data. Nothing I can do. Maybe @colin will be able to dosomething with it.