[error unexpected file format]


I’m experiencing the unexpected file format error that I had a file open for 2 days, yesterday 27 and left the file open for 2 days, yesterday and left the file open on the computer for 22:42 22:42
save the file normally /turn off the pc.

This morning when trying to open the file unexpectedly, this error occurred.
I tried renaming the skb to access the backup copy as it would be little lost work, but the same error occurs.

Has anyone had this error and know how to solve it? I have a Trimble license, so I discard the option of crack error, I saw on forums people saying that it is for saving a file in the cloud or directly on the network, but it was saved on the desktop in a folder, on the C: disk, I read that some block or component may have corrupted the file, if so, screw it! kkk I will have to start the work again, but I also read that it is possible to recover, but there was no information on how to recover, but the cases in which I recovered only as file information (layers, blocks, etc), but the modeled design disappeared.

Relief! Can anyone help me?

Here’s a link to the files in the dropbox.

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Possibly the save had not been completed prior to the shutdown.

The save was done correctly!

The problem was identified, a stove component that I downloaded from the 3D warehouse.

I already started work again, I had no way to recover.

This is one reason it is always recommended to download components from sources like the 3DWH into a separate file to check them and give them a clean up before you add them to your project files.

I had an issue where the promp of “unexpected file format” came up, after some researching i found that if you still have the .skb file which is the backup autosaved file of the .skp.

so what i did was i opened up sketch up
click on open file.
then at the bottom at file type i selected ‘all file types’.
then i opened the .skb version and i was able to work the that and saved.


I have the same issue. Can any body help?

The link above is the wetransfer containing the file fyi.