Unexpected file format and bug splat when opening skp file

Thank you. it’s strange, when opening the file i can see the model, but it is empty.

it’s a fixed preview, not a live view of your model. It’s like the picture on a box, it shows you what should be inside the box, but even an empty box still has its art on it.


What version of SketchUp are you really using? Your profile says Free Plan 2018. Does that mean you are using a cracked version? Your file is badly damaged. Where have you been saving the file while you were working on it?

The file seems quite badly corrupt. Couldn’t open it.

I also tried the file, and couldn’t get anything useful from it.

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Ignoring the Crack, no, you cannot retrieve something lost that has been lost due to being incorrectly saved on an external drive.
Hard I know, leaves you feeling somewhat bereft, a bit like how someone feels when their hard work has been stolen from them.

I guess you start over again by paying for a license rather than stealing software.


Out of curiosity, what school, they may have an understanding or educational license?

If your school condones software piracy and theft maybe you need to find a different school.

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Hi dave goodmorning! i badly need ur help and i dont know how to use this app, i got the same problem with janadsans, unexpected file error, exactly the same. please help me out dave, im on a deadline, its my THESIS PROJECT, im a graduating student. please reply me back on

Please do not post private contact info on public forums!

if you want help, post a link to your file.

but while you wait for us to check it, you shouldn’t wait and start over from the latest backup you’ve made.

Best case, you will have lost a few hours on it.
worse case, you’ll be a few hours ahead in you remodelling.

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but can i still use my file? because everytime i open the file and wait

for it to respond this happens

Do not click on the screen, be patient for the file to open, it has 30 million edges.
In SU 2023 and SU2024, this message should appear about one of the groups that give an error.


Learn not to download components from 3D Warehouse directly into the working model. And at the same time, stop downloading everything you find that looks good, look for low-poly models.
Use Purge, the file will drop from 130 MB to 80 MB.

You also learn about the correct orientation of the faces, with the white facing outwards (front face). Blue face (back face).

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but can i still use my file? because everytime i open the file and wait

you’re using an old sketchup 23. before the icon change, so 23.0
any reason for that ? because clearly it won’t open the file when 24 will. Just update and you’ll be fine.

Also, in your profile, you state you’re using sketchup for school, it’s not the case. sketchup for school is an online version for kids.
So, are you on the sketchup studio for education licence ? or using the cracked one that passes around in your uni ?

and again, in your profile, your Operating System is not 2023
it’s windows 11.

Hi, Can anyone please help me with this, it says unexpected file format when I open the file.
Please help me this project is really important to me, thanks :pray:

[nha hang tiec cuoi.skp - Google Drive]

What version of SketchUp are you really using? There is no Free Plan of SketchUp 2023 as you put in your forum profile.

sketch up pro 2023 :pray:

Fix your forum profile while I try to sort out your model. I have it open. You should upgrade to the last release of 2023 or 2024. You would be able to open the file yourself. There’s a bad group in the model that the latest release of 2023 and 2024 will trap and delete. I also did my usual cleanup of your obese model.
Screenshot - 4_19_2024 , 10_11_43 AM
Purged unused stuff. No need to hoard these components and materials.
Screenshot - 4_19_2024 , 10_14_09 AM
There’s also a lot of excessively large textures in your model.

There’s still a lot of unnecesarily hi-poly objects in your model that you should replace. I’ll come back with a link once I get the file saved and uploaded.

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