Unexpected File Format after saving and reopening a .skp file _Sketchup Pro 2019

I work on a file save it into a .skp file, however, after I reopen it, I got an “Unexpected File Format” error. I tried to rename the .skb file but it is not worked.

Is there anyone who can help me find why it happens, and even fix it?
Thank you so much!

I attached in the file here:

What is the filelocation? Onedrive?
Do you have antivirus software running?

Try this:
Open a simple template from the welcome screen or [menu] File > New from Template
Save it to the desktop.
Close and try to open it again.

The file is saved and opened through office server.

Windows 19 server? That’s not supported. Even if the client is using Windows 10, the server software messes with the files or locks it.
SketchUp is more ‘oldfashioned’ stand alone software, I guess.
Workaround is to download the file (or whole folder) to your desktop and work from there. Save and upload when done.
Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the file server…