Unexpected File Format..help

After having the SketchUp pro opened with a project,pc restarted due to windows update.Since then every timei try to reopen that project,i am getting a “Unexpected File Format” .Is there any way to retrieve the file?I tried to upload the file here,but i am getting a message "Unauthorized file type"
Edit.tried to upload it via dropbox

you need to open the .skp file not the .skb

EDIT: your link doesn’t work…
if you don’t have a skp file rename the .skb to .skp then upload here…


I am afraid i missing the skp original file and was working with the skb file,here it is renamed.
katoikia I.skp (1.5 MB)

it’s corrupt here as well,…

seems to have a couple of large images from “Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows”, that sound right?