Undo Soften Edges

After softening edges can it be undone?

Do you want to unsoften all in a selection or just a few?

You can unsoften all edges by selecting them, right clicking and choosing Unsoften. You can select the edges to unsoften and deselect Soften in Entity Info, or you can unsoften them by selecting them and sliding the Soften slider to the left until they show.

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Unsoften doesn’t show with a right click, sliding the slider won’t get me back to where I was. There were 2 edges that I softened by selecting the component then selecting soften on my default tray. This is really no big deal. Mostly curious.

Are you selecting just the softened edge(s) before right clicking or trying to use the Soften slider?

I’m using the slider.

This is the component before softening:

I selected it, then selected Soften Edges from my default tray:

Then selected it again, selected Soften Edges from my default tray, slid the slider until I got this (5,5°)

What is it you actually want? Do you just want to unsoften those two edges that run down the middle of the molding? If so, select only those two edges before unsoftening. You’ll have to turn on Hidden Geometry to be able to select them.

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So the trick is to just soften the edges you want softened, not the component, then if you need to unsoften them, follow your instructions, worked like a charm, thanks.

Well, you can soften all the edges if you want then unsoften specific ones or just select the ones you want softened and soften them. It’s totally up to you.

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The eraser tool softens and smooths edges if you hold down the ctrl key. I use it a lot. Unfortunately it doesn’t work in reverse.

Actually it does. Hold Ctrl+Shift with the Eraser tool.


Fantastic! I’ll use it a lot. Thank you so much.

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