Reverse Smoothing or Softening?

I searched both here and in the Knowledge Base for an answer but didn’t find one - probably because I don’t know how to properly ask the question.

I created some rounded and fluted objects then used the Eraser Tool and the CTL key to soften or smooth (not sure which term is correct) the edges that were formed by the drawing process. I then added the objects to a drawing and now would like to be able to see the hard edges for adjustments.

Is there any way to reverse the process I used to return the hard edges?

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Use the eraser with Ctrl-Shift.


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Also select and edges and use options in Entity Info dialog.

Also, select a bunch of softened geometry, or all off it (select with Hidden Geometry turned on), and move the slider on the Soften/Smooth dialog all the way to the left. This unsoftens everything at once.

(I think the Soften/Smooth dialog is so handy, I leave it open all the time.)



It’s worth noting, you may only need to turn on hidden geometry to allow for your adjustments, rather than unsoftening things.
Hidden geometry when visible behaves like hard geometry.

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Good to know. Thanks, Box!!!

JHS POWERBAR PLUGIN CAN HELP U MORE. When u need to smooth or unsmooth or want to c the edge and more … all u can get in this extension