Edit surface after "soften edges" applied

How can you edit a surface after you have applied “soften edges” or sandboxed the grid. Mouse click 1 selects surface, 2 highlights surface and 3 shows hidden lines edges and contours.Is it possible at this point to change the details? This is assuming you are well passed the edit undo stage.

If you show hidden geometry (View menu) you can edit softened/smoothed edges and their adjacent faces just like regular ones. When you triple-click you have selected everything and can only manipulate it as a whole.

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You shouldn’t consider softening/smoothing a one-way street. You may find it convenient as you work on a model to soften and unsoften the edges more than once: it’s easy enough to do. I am lucky enough to work with two monitors, and the Soften/Smooth dialog is one of the indispensible controls I leave open all the time, making it particularly easy to fiddle with the effect, and, of course, there’s alway Ctrl-Eraser for little tweaks.


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That’s great. My thanks to you sir. Many hours saved.