Undo Fix for Layout Classic 2019?

I see previous post with Layout Undo not working and staff saying they are working on a fix. Has said fix happened that I can download. I don’t see it in the Layout Release notes for 2019. I paid good money for this version and would expect a patch for this basic feature that makes using Layout difficult and risk prone with every move! I hope there is good news in this regard. I infrequently use Sketchup/Layout and this version serves my purposes well. That is why I am late in coming round to ask. The post was talking about it as a Catalina OS issue, but I am using the latest Mohave now.

There is bad news and good news. That problem came about after the last 2019 update was made, and so the fix for the problem appeared in the first 2020 release. I am not sure what someone who is having to stay with 2019 and Catalina should do about the problem, other than live with the work around where you have to close and reopen LayOut.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stay with 2019. As you were under support when 2020 came out, you’re entitled to the three versions of 2020 that came out during last year. I have had the license system send an email to you, with your 2020 license details.

If you go to the downloads page you can download 2020.2, which is the most recent of the 2020 updates:

Use the license that came in the email, and in the 2020 welcome screen choose the Add Classic License option, to add your 2020 license.

Wow! Quick response appreciated Colin! I have had Sketchup since the early Google days. I may upgrade to subscription in the future, but its not business related work I am doing at this point. I am an owner home builder now, aspiring to have a workshop business in the future and may need to for that.