Reverting to Layout 2019

Yesterday I moved to version 2020 - big mistake. After a shaky start, Layout now hangs every time I try to do something, be it change page, delete text, or move an image. So I want to give up with this version and go back to version 2019. Is there a way I can change the settings in the file so it will open in Version 2019?

Hope you can help.

Neil Challenger

Open in LO2020 and use Save as to save the file as 2019.

Thanks very much, now I can carry on with this project and hopefully get the drawings out.

My 37 years of experience have taught me at least three things. Always backup your work before making a significant system change. Never be in a hurry to upgrade and give it time for the extensions to catch up and bugs to be worked out. If at all possible have a second computer ready to go if your primary fails. Your clients really don’t care about your technology problems.
Ok that’s 4.


I also had been having fits with Layout 2020. Upgraded from Sketchup / LO 2019 on the same laptop (2019 MacBook Pro, maxed out). Layout was unusable - laggy at best. I saved out the 3 projects I was working on back into 2019 - zero issues.

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