Unable to sign in on iPad app

Mike created a bug report in our system (SUMXR-2382). I added my steps to show the problem.

YAayyyyyy. That worked. I didn’t restart the app after turning keyboard full access off. Then hit continue. It greyed out and hang for a bit. I then turned off receiving emails and it then worked. Thanks for your help everyone.

This problem has been fixed, and v6.0.4 (1850) is live in the App Store. You can now keep full keyboard access turned on even if you don’t have a keyboard, and you can now tap the checkboxes or the text to agree to the conditions.


Nice work! Thank you!

Sorry for my English . I’ve just Registed this forum account to announce the way to solve this problem. In the login page, I go to aA sign, ( left upper Conner) disable / and enable the some thing in my language , the content blocker, yessss . And wow la, it show out the sign in or register for new one,