Cannot sign in with SketchUp mobile viewer on iPad


Cannot sign in SketchUp mobile viewer: it keeps turning 'round. It used to work before.
I have latest version on iPad with latest IOS.
I don’t have 2 steps access to Google. I can access to 3D Warehouse no problem.
I did the unstalling and installing a few times. No luck.
Any idea?


Yup, I get the very same thing. Googled it and loads of people getting the same and for quite some time. I was about to show some work to someone and found I couldn’t sign in. Great Help!!!
This app really needs a major kick up the ass!


Thanks, lets see if Trimble does something about it soon!


Hi All,

We have reproduced the trouble with accessing the viewer on iOS 8 and are investigating the same. We will post updates as they become available. Thank you for your patience.



We’re trying to nail this down: can you give me as close to an exact date / time you first noticed being unable to sign in?


Same thing!
Since ± 2 days

just before client meeting! So disapointed …


Happen last week, but I haven’t try to sign for months, because I had my models in the iPad. It was when I made some changes and try to down load it again


We think we’ve isolated the problem. We’ll let you know when we’ve formulated a fix or a workaround.


This is fixed. We noticed some changes in the login flow coming from Google, and were able to suppress these. Please try it and let us know if it’s working for you.

We’re also working on a fix so that events like this, should they pop up again, will not prevent the app from logging in.



Thank you very much, Barry, it works fine now.
That’s called service!


Thanks ! :smile:
Now it works fine.
By the way did you see that topic, that is another trange thing for me