Unable to set scale in LayOut 21

After sending my drawing to Layout and creating a group I context click and pull down to set scale by clicking on Scale button below Ungroup Button but the bottom option is Ungroup - there is no Scale button. tried a number of alternative options and no success yet at setting a scale.

How about selecting the viewport and then selecting the scale in the SketchUp Model panel? Make sure the scene in SketchUp that you set up for the viewport has the Camera set to Parallel Projection and the appropriate Standard View selected.

Thanks, I did try that and with the view port selected and grouped all the selections available in SketchUp model and most other tabs are grayed out and cannot be selected or changed.

You need to be selecting the viewport, not a group that contains the viewport. Make life easy for yourself and just ungroup the group so you can select only the viewport easily. Best practice would be to set the scale of the viewport before you create anything else attached it (labels, dimensions, drawing elements) and only create the group after the scale is correct.