Scale a group in LayOut

Hello all, I am trying to scale a group. Basically, I have selected all, made into Group, and then the Scale Dimension window just grays out on me.
I need this in order to take colored elevations from a bunch of different sheets and copy/paste them all in a smaller scale onto one big sheet.
I have tried all of the copy/pasting and making scaled drawing on different shapes and whatnot but it is taking forever and would like to group and scale and be done with it. Please help!

I think I’ve got it actually, so just posting just in case someone else down the road needs this. I selected the Group, then Ungroup. Then go to Scaled Drawing tab, selected Remove Scale. Once the scale has been removed, I selected Make Scaled Drawing and selected the desired scale. All of my dimension text was giant so I (In MAC) typed Command - a bunch of times (that is Command and the minus symbol) and the text was then reduced. Hope this helps someone!

Rightclicking on a group reveals options to either change the current scale or set it initially.
No need to use the Scaled drawing tab.

Viewports with a SketchUp model can be set in the SketchUp model tab.