Scale from 1:500 --> 1:200 Layout

I have my drawing here in scale 1:500. Is it possible to somehow group everything and make it to scale 1:200 quick and easy? Some things is drawn in sketchup, other lines in layout…

I can do one thing manually, but then its take lot of time to arrange everything so that its on its right place…:slight_smile:

Someone else might have a different way of doing this…

I would be grouping all the the Layout geometry as a scaled group or number of groups making sure they have a reference point with the SketchUp viewport (or with each other).

Rescale everything and re-position.

and if your linework in Layout does not have any lines that can be snapped to the geometry from sketchup, just add a line for that purpose, before grouping, and delete it afterwards.

I do this all the time (but my drawing isn’t connected to SU). Group and then start to drag the corner of the bounding box (not an edge). Stop dragging and enter 2.5 into the dimensions box, return and it will rescale to 1:200. Note that text and line weights do not scale. This works for all scaling as long as you work out the factor required.