Scale drawings in layout

I’m using Layout to create shop drawings for cabinetry. I prefer to draw directly in layout rather than import from Sketchup. My problem is using scaled drawings, I want the scale to lock in for the entire page rather than need to redo the scale with every group. Is there a way to do that?

I can’t imagine drawing in layout only. I have never seen such a way of working on YouTube or don’t know anyone who does that.
The simple cooperation between sketchup and layout makes the sense of this program for me.

Can you post us a picture of the layout work so we can understand how to solve the problem

A possible way to work (choose a scale and draw a rectangle all over the page (like a background); save it as a template; double click anywhere on the page and then draw at scale)


sorry that’s no use, you have to show a little work on it so that I can understand what you are doing and what you want.

sorry now i noticed that it is a video.
but still show me a real example where you can scale

watch the video maybe you will notice that you have to draw in sektchup first. In the layout you can make your own title block and different views with the same scale.

To elaborate this idea a little bit further, you can also assign dedicated area’s of your sheet and have different scales:

Template example.layout (16,1 KB)

You have to be very aware of the context you are in, though.

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Thank you @mihai.s This is helpful!

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Users often draw directly in Layout for a variety of reasons. It’s a way to do quick 2D scale drawings for one. The only video in this thread is the answer to this question.