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There has to be a way to lock the scale for an entire sheet. Having to constantly re select the scale would be ridiculous. Can somebody please tell me how.

Thank You.

Share your LO file so we can see what you are working with. What entities are not keeping the scale you set?

I want to do a scale drawing. I want to set the scale once for the sheet then just draw. Currently to get things to come out to scale I have to manually set the scale for every single line segment. I have manually selected the scale hundreds of times for a simple line drawing. I want the entire page set one to a specific scale. So the d
HRI Regency Club Entry Doors 10-13-23.layout (54.2 KB)
rawing i’m working on is at scale but I have had to do it line by line manually

There is no such thing in LayOut. Scale applies only to SketcUp model views and groups that are set to be “scaled drawings”. There is no reason why a scaled drawing cannot fill an entire sheet. The scales list in Document Setup is just a list of ready-made scales that you can use with SketchUp views and scaled drawings.

When you create a scaled drawing it is automatically created as a group. If you want to add content to the Scaled Drawing, open the group for editing and then draw.

Here I’ve combined all of your drawing into a scaled drawing group. To add to it, open the group first. No need to select Scale Drawing again.
HRI Regency Club Entry Doors 10-13-23 dr.layout (46.9 KB)

If this was my project I would model this in SketchUp in 3D and create the desired scenes to show the object as needed in LayOut.

Thank you for you time but that’s not what I want at all. I need the individual line segments so I can make small changes. making it a group kills that and I would not have been able to get the parts to work to make the group if I didn’t draw in scale in the first place. . I just want to set an entire page to a scale then do a 2d drawing. Seems like this would be a very basic function. I’m a contractor so I actually want to build this. I use sketch up to work out clearances and realties before I go out the field. I try to make all of my mistakes on paper. Sketch Up 3d is not good for or thin things like steel studs. I use 3d to give basic renderings so people can visualize the finished product (the pretty picture) 2d is best for the field and to show the real interworkings.

So I take it the answer is No I cant set an entire page to default to a scale. Which is ludicrous.

I do appreciate your time. Please don’t think my frustration is aimed at you but rather the lack of a very basic function. 2d without a default scale is like a word processor without spell check…

You can still make those changes.

No it does. Or at least it doesn’t have to.

There’s absolutely no reason you couldn’t model this thing precisely in SketchUp and use LayOut to create your documentation from the model. Even thin things like metal studs can be done in SketchUp.

No. Not unless you do it as I described. LayOut is mainly designed to create documentation from SketchUp models. LayOut isn’t intended to be a 2D drafting program. As a contractor you know that your work is easier when you use the right tool for the job and use it the way it was designed to be used.

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ugh, just a basic feature to set the default scale for a sheet and this would be a useable 2d drafting program. Sketch up is way too time consuming and cumbersome when all I want is 2d.

thanks though

any recommendation for a decent 2d drafting program

I don’t do 2D drafting. Haven’t any need since I can get all my required 2D views out of my 3D SketchUp models but you could look at FreeCAD as an example.


I use Qcad pro.

Even AutoCad has no such “basic” function for sheets-they are always full scale.

You have misunderstood the workflow. Read the documentation for working with groups and scaled drawings. Take the relevant free self-paced courses at learn.sketchup.com

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